About Crystal Sumner

My family roots are solidly planted here in Saskatoon. I have lived here my entire life, Saskatoon is a beautiful city.

My post – secondary education included SIAST, here in Saskatoon. This is where I obtained my certificate to teach Class 5 Driving Education in 2004.

I am truly passionate about my work, and have been known to extend my hours to ensure that my clients receive a superior quality of teaching.

It was very obvious when I was growing up, that I would definitely be having a career in the driving field. It has always been a passion of mine. To encourage clients, and teach them the proper rules of Saskatoon roads. When my clients learn the proper way to drive, it is of great satisfaction for us both. I have also rented my car for my clients to take their road test with, in which I accompany them to their road test.

My career teaching driving education is my passion, it is extremely rewarding.

In-car $80.00/hr
in-class $120.00

  • SGI Certified
  • Class 5 Driver Instructor
  • Professional & Friendly
  • Gift Certificates Available
  • Home pick up & return
  • Scent Free Vehicle
  • Refresher Courses
  • 306-220-1523
  • Ten plus years experience
  • You will learn to drive in a safe encouraging environment

Precision Driving Academy

Precision Driving Academy will prepare you for your drivers road test. We have an excellent success rate with a friendly and professional instructor. We offer refresher courses as well as the full 6&6.

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Precision Driving Academy

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