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Hi, Ms. Crystal, you know that I can't thank you enough for everything that you did for me in order to pass my road test exam. I'm so much grateful that you are my driving instructor teaching me different techniques. Thank you for the patience every time you get nervous because of my way of driving but I am happy as I was able to correct all those mistakes thru your help and words of encouragement. And also thank you for believing in me that I really can and definitely did it, You are such an amazing person that I've ever known wish you all the best in life and Gob Bless you always.,more clients to come!

Rhen Del Pilar.

Crystal is a very honest person when it comes to teaching her students how to drive. I took both in-class and driving lessons with Crystal and both experiences were great. She was the first person I had practiced driving with other than my family and made the experience more comfortable and relaxing. She is easy to talk to and not afraid to give constructive criticism. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to other people who are looking for a driving instructor. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Hanna D.

Crystal is truly just the best instructor! I had such an awesome time with her. She is so sweet. She is always so calm and never makes you feel dumb even if you make a stupid mistake! I learned alot from her! I passed my road test on first try! Thanks so much, i will never forget you!! If my friends ask me "who should i do my drives with?" im like "CRYSTAL"! she's the BEST!

Shae P.

When I first started driving with Crystal, I was often very nervous on the road due to my own anxiety about driving and having failed previous road tests. Her approach seemed to be just what I needed. She is a very warm, optimistic, knowledgeable, and kind person and I always felt very at ease during our drives. This seemed to transfer over to my drives with other people and her encouragement gave me confidence in my abilities. After a few more lessons, I passed the road test with 0 points off, which was a surprise to someone like me. The examiner said I seemed well-practiced and confident. The results of her students speak for themselves. I will always carry her advice with me now. Thankful I found her :)

Fiona C

In my opinion, Crystal is one of the best driving tutors in Saskatoon. She is very patient and always made me feel relaxed and confident in myself. Crystal cheers you on when you do things right and encourages you when you're struggling with a task. "You can do it, you can do it, you're a good driver" was what I said to myself when I took my road test and I passed at my first attempt all because that was what Crystal continuously said to me during my driving classes with her. Crystal is awesome, she is passionate about helping others. I'll definitely recommend her.

Ifeoma A

Crystal is the nicest instructor out there she is straight to the point doesnt give 1001 instructions that no one will remember she is straight and simple. Sitting beside is like sitting beside my mother, the encouragement and the support she gives is amazing. If you wanna learn to be a great driver Crystal is the one to go to. You can never go wrong with her.

Esther M

Crystal is an amazing instructor. She is so kind and patient. She always gives me solid support and encouragement. She makes me feel so confident. I feel so comfortable driving with her. I would definitely recommend her to my friends who are seeking driving instructors.


I am so lucky to have Crystal to be my driving instructor. She always encouraged me to be more confident as well as teaching me how to drive safely. Her optimism really touched my heart, I love her smiling and the warm words she spoke to me. When I took road test, I imaged that Crystal was sitting beside me, she likes a shining star to inspire me. Finally I passed my test, so I strongly recommend Crystal to be your driving instructor.


Crystal is a great instructor. She showed me everything I should know to get my Class 5 license. She is very patient and kind. I am a new comer here and have much driving experience back home, but I still learnt many details about the local rules, which is essential to be a qualified driver here. I appreciate your instruction and highly recommend.


Crystal is a great driving teacher. Always calm and informative. I was very comfortable driving with her, and would recommend her for anyone looking for a great teacher.

Jason H

Driving with Crystal was great! I was nervous to get a driving instructor at first, but I am so glad I did. She is an extremely friendly, caring person--and a great teacher to boot! I passed my road test with no points taken off thanks to her :)

Theresa U

Crystal is a great teacher. She would make the atmosphere for learning a fun experience. As her student, I built confidence in myself to get that license.


Crystal is the only person you should call if you are learning how to drive! She gives clear, straight to the point instructions and is truly excellent at what she does. She is very calm and patient. Before driving with Crystal I was a very nervous driver. She helped me to be at ease and confident and because of her I passed my road test on my first attempt. I highly recommend precision driving academy!


I was referred to Crystal by a family friend. Crystal has a positive attitude and is very calm. She was able to build my confidence as a driver and provided me with clear instructions which allowed me to pass my exam. She was truly a pleasure to drive with. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher!

Kim B

Crystal is the most calm and professional driving instructor I am aware of. She taught a person like me to drive who had never driven before in a very friendly manner and because of her efforts I passed my road test in first attempt. I went for my very first drive with another instructor and I thought I could never drive but then I read some comments about Crystal that how great she is and now today I am here again to say that she is one great teacher, thank you Crystal for all your efforts.

Naila A.

Crystal, the few driving lessons I had with you was awesome. You are such a wonderful and supportive person. You made have more confidence in what I can do. With Crystal, say bye bye to nervousness during driving practice.
I strongly recommend PRECISION DRIVING ACADEMY. Anytime, Anyday. God bless you real good.

Genevieve T.

If you're nervous about driving, I can safely say you'll want to talk to Crystal. She's calm, easy-going, supportive and easy to get along with.

In just 6 hours of driving with her I went from being anxious about the very idea of driving, to driving confidently and having my license

Andrew B.

*Absolutely recommend - Percision Driving Academy*
From my Learners to Drivers licence, Crystal was by my side throughout the whole process guiding, encouraging and correcting my mistakes and executing my demands on achieving a drivers licence. I am extremely thankful for meeting Crystal Sumner. She is not only an Instructor, she has a special gift that makes her so easy to talk too, she is extremely professional , punctual, loves what she does, teaches with precision and dedication only wants to see clients succeed!

Crystal E.

Crystal is an excellent driving instructor, she puts you at ease and explains the SGI road test requirements in a easy to follow way. Thanks to her, I had the confidence I needed to pass my road test. I'll definitely recommend her to anyone preparing for their road test.

Oladapo S.

Very supportive and friendly instructor. I am glad that I found her and learned driving from her. I would surely precision driving school to everyone. Crystal transformed my nervousness into confidence with her patient and friendly attitude. Kudos to you Crystal!!!

Pooja K.

Crystal, getting to know you during these lessons have been so great! You have a great way with people and that is why you make such a good teacher. A big thank you for making me feel confident enough to drive, and for your patience and kindness. I was paying attention and I will remember what you have taught me.

Hina R.

I just have to say what an amazing teacher Crystal is. I was incredibly neverous and filled with anxiety, to the point of being in tears when I first got in the car. I didn't think I could do it, and about half way through the drive I felt completely comfortable! Driving has always been an issue for me, but it came to the point where I needed to be able to drive and Crystal made that happen for me! I'm sure if I never would have gotten in the car with her that I wouldn't be driving today. She has completely changed me life! She is a very supportive teacher, I couldn't have passed the road test if she wasn't with me. Thank you so much Crystal :)

Nicole D.

I am sharing my testimony which is genuine and honest. In any kind of business and service I strongly believe that one should possess the knowledge about his/her business and how to execute it. Here is where Precision Driving Academy's quality and making difference on driving learners future goal.

My points to say this:
*Knowledge - Very professional, acquired through more than a decade teaching. *Implementation - Excellent, measured through punctuality during appointment, smooth and friendly approach that helps students to relax during time of practice, economical-each hour I was able to get the equivalent knowledge of what I paid for, high encouragement for all of my good deeds but also mistakes corrected at spot and a final evaluation after each day practice.

All in all I found my instructor Crystal Sumner as the one who really knows what she does, what a client deserves with respect to his time, money and his /her aim of achieving driving licence. Hello Clients, what do we really need more than this?


- Molla M.

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